We are very proud of the outstanding service we provide our children and families and value the importance of our role in their lives. Our commitment to excellence was rewarded by our rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards awarded to our centre by ACECQA.


Our services are structured to meet the changing needs of our community and our collaborative partnerships with our families and the wider community are vital to this.
Our centre operates daily between 7.00am – 6.00pm and closes for 1 week during the Christmas and New Year period.
We support children with additional needs and when required partner with the Inclusion Support Agency.
Our centre has an abundance of resources to support our children in their learning journey.  Our resources are replenished regularly and include a wide variety of new, recycled, home made and pre-loved items.
The safety and wellbeing of our children, families and educators is paramount to us therefore our centre and equipment are regularly checked and maintained.  Contract cleaners are employed to thoroughly clean the centre each night and spot cleaning is done throughout each day.


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