Rainbow Fish

"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million."  ~ Walt Streightiff 

Our inquisitive and busy Rainbow Fish range in age from approximately 2 - 3 years and we utilise primary care groups in this room.  So at different times of the day the children play in smaller groups. We have found that our smaller group environments support optimal educational and relationship outcomes for our children.
Toddlerhood is a critical time period for early brain development as important neural pathways are being developed. This brain development is influenced by all the experiences they are exposed to, so our Wild Things enjoy a wide variety of interesting, positive and engaging activities in small and whole group interactions as well as free play and quiet, restful times. 
At this age children are filled with wonder for the world around them and are provided with many different resources and opportunities that encourage them to learn through play and experimentation.  It is also the time when children are becoming their own individual person with their own ideas and interests and like to do things in their own way, in their own time.  Our educators are mindful of this and children are given time and space to experience and try new things.
As our toddlers grow they seek out and accept new challenges, make new discoveries and celebrate their own efforts and achievements as well of those around them. Our educators ensure that all children experience pride in their attempts and achievements. They challenge and support children to engage in and persevere at tasks and play.                                           
As our children develop their independence and social skills they are learning to interact with their peers and can be an emotionally challenging time.  Our educators talk with children about their emotions and responses to events with a view to helping them understand how to communicate their feelings and needs to others and learn skills to solve problems they may be facing.
Rainbow Fish share some of their verandah space at different times throughout the day with the Wild Things group depending on the activities occurring.  There is ample indoor space spread across 2 rooms (fully air-conditioned) and a large verandah space.  The children in the Rainbow Fish love our beautiful large playground and outside exploration spaces.
There are 5 permanent educators that make up our wonderful Rainbow Fish team.  Our Lead Educator is Kelly who has almost completed her Diploma of Early Childhood.  She is supported by a wonderful team that includes; Aimee (Diploma), Rachael (Diploma) and Lauren (Cert III) all having 6+ years experience and Zoe (Diploma) who has worked in early childhood since 2017.  Having 5 permanent educators means that our team breaks are covered by our permanent room educators ensuring continuity and familiarity for our children and families.

Children's learning and development is documented daily and includes information about children’s thinking, understandings and interests, evidence of creations, interactions and conversations, friendships and relationships, and developmental milestones.  This information is summarised in an E-Book that is provided to families at the end of each Term. Children’s progress is referenced against the Learning Outcomes set out in the Early Years Learning Framework.  Photos are displayed throughout the room of activities and experiences that have been enjoyed at the centre.
Children’s learning is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and our Curriculum page contains further information about the framework and the documentation of children’s learning at NT Explorers.
Detailed records are kept each day to relay to families and include sleep times, nappy change/toileting information and food and fluid intake. 


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