The Fox in Socks - Preschool

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go"  -  Dr. Seuss

The Fox in Sock group is specifically designed for our children who are nearing their transition to primary schooling. Children in this groups range in age from 3.5 years - 5 years depending on the needs and development of our current group of children. The Fox and Sock and Hungry Caterpillars operate as a "community of learners" within NT Explorers, an approach that was initiated in 2020 and has had wonderful outcomes for children and teachers. This approach supports children in both groups (Fox in Socks and Hungry Caterpillars) having access to many varied spaces for their play and explorations. The teaching team works across both groups of children. Please see the Hungry Caterpillar page for more information.

Our team is very experienced and delivers a preschool curriculum in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Northern Territory Preschool Framework, within a play based and child-focussed environment.  The EYLF is the national standard for all preschools including long day care centres and those run at primary school locations.  So your child will experience the same type of curriculum at NT Explorers as they would at a stand alone preschool.

Our children learn through play, investigation, exploration and discovery.  Children are encouraged to be active and enthusiastic investigators in order to learn more about the world around them and to develop a life long love of learning.


Our intentional teaching practices, thoughtfully designed learning environments and abundant educational resources ensure your child is immersed in rich and meaningful learning experiences.


Through independent exploration, structured and intentional activities, and hands-on learning, we support children to develop their skills and knowledge in areas such as early literacy, mathematics, science, and social skills. Our children are encouraged to be independent decision makers whilst also developing their skills in co-operation and collaboration with their teachers and peers.


As children gain knowledge they also increase their own self-esteem and feel confident about being active citizens of their community.  We talk about appropriate social behaviour through daily conversations with the children and as educators we model good practices for them to observe.


We encourage children to express themselves through mediums that they love and are comfortable with whilst always offering access to new mediums to explore.  We respect that some children express their creativity through mediums such as painting and drawing and others through construction or dramatic play.





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