Our Groups

Our centre has 4 groups known as Gumnut Babies, Wild Things, Rainbow Fish and Hungry Caterpillars, all named after popular children’s story books. 

The approximate age ranges are noted below, however the decision on which group a child is enrolled in is based on what suits their needs.  Age ranges in each group may vary depending on the ages of children requiring care at any given time. and further information can be accessed by clicking any of the below buttons:












Within most of our groups we also implement primary care grouping.  That means that at different times of the day the children separate into smaller groups.  This grouping enables children and educators to enjoy a smaller group environment which we believe supports optimal educational and relationship outcomes for our children.


The same educators work with each group every day, including an additional educator who is assigned to each room to cover all educator breaks in that room.  This continuity has fantastic benefits for the children and families.


Children are placed in groups based on their social, emotional and physical development and only transition to the next group when they are ready.  Transitions are discussed with families and educators before they occur.


Children’s learning is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and our Curriculum page contains further information about the framework and the documentation of children’s learning at NT Explorers.


A targetted preschool curriculum set out in the Early Years Learning Framework is delivered within the Hungry Caterpillars group by qualified Early Childhood Teachers.  Children will experience a curriculum equivalent to that delivered at stand alone preschools at NT Explorers.  


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