Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

In July 2017, we commenced our Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation Program.  Their organisation has the vision for “children to form positive food habits for life”.  Their mission is to “provide the inspiration, information, professional learning and support for educational institutions to deliver pleasurable food education, in conjunction with educators, partners and the wider community”. 


The program includes resources specifically developed in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, to support the full integration of the Kitchen Garden program, into early childhood curriculum.  The program is about educating children on how to grow fresh, seasonal produce and use it to prepare nutritious and delicious food.


We have an aquaponic garden at the centre, where we work with the children to grow food to be consumed at the centre, and in the long term as we grow more, to be shared with their families.


The leader of this program is Renee from our Fox in Socks group.  Renee works together with all room educators to embed and deliver the program into the curriculum.  Renee is passionate about nutrition and the natural world and will work closely with the children and educators across the entire centre.  

Our educators are passionate in their beliefs about the benefits of children's exposure to nature and this program is a significant support for these experiences for our children.

"Pleasurable food education teaches Australian children positive food habits through fun, hands-on learnings" Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation 

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