Gumnut Babies

The nursery is a very special and magical place at NT Explorers.  The first thing you notice about our nursery is the warm, homely, loving atmosphere.  Our educators’ priority is to create loving and nurturing bonds with our precious babies.

As with our entire centre, the room is very well resourced and has a wide range of age and developmentally appropriate resources.  The ambience in the room is simply beautiful and our babies are settled, relaxed, happy and loved.


As the first 5 years are critical for the foundation of the learning process, the environment and the program are designed to develop an awareness of both self and the world around in the cocoon of a warm, caring and stimulating environment.


Loving adults are essential to a baby’s social-emotional development and well being, and our educators devote significant time to bonding with the children to build secure and loving relationships.  This gives them the confidence to explore, learn and enjoy their environment.  


As our babies grow into toddlers they are rapidly discovering the world around them and will enjoy a wide range of experiences that help them become confident little people and active explorers.  They are supported to make choices and decisions and assert their independence. They want to do things for themselves and take pride in the accomplishment and educators encourage and support them as they develop self-help skills.  Our progams provide them with opportunities to engage independently with tasks and play with educators’ support and encouragement.

Our room routine is very flexible, allowing children to move freely around the room to discover and create. They are sung to, read to, danced with, but most of all, they are loved, held and nurtured to ensure that they receive every opportunity to develop to their full potential.


We have a wonderful team of 5 permanent educators in the Gumnut Babies. The team is led by: Angelique who has 10+ years experience and holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching qualification and Sheridan who also has 10+ years experience and holds a Diploma qualification. They are supported by a fantastic team of experienced and well qualified educators. Jamie, has 8+ years experience working with infants and toddlers, and has been working at our centre since we opened in 2013! Thelma has worked in early childhood for 11+ years and holds a Diploma qualification. Kathy holds a Certificate III in Early Childhood, and has extensive experience working with young children for 10+ years .  We have a Support team within the centre, who are very familiar with our Gumnuts, and assist with covering some breaks and planning time for our permanent room educators, ensuring continuity and familiarity for our children and families.


Children’s learning is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and our Curriculum page contains further information about the framework and the documentation of children’s learning at NT Explorers.


Children's learning and development is documented daily and includes information about children’s thinking, understandings and interests, evidence of creations, interactions and conversations, friendships and relationships, and developmental milestones.  This information is summarised in an E-Book that is provided to families at the end of each Term. Children’s progress is referenced against the Learning Outcomes set out in the Early Years Learning Framework.  Photos are displayed throughout the room of activities and experiences that have been enjoyed at the centre.


Our nursery has a separate sleep room, is fully air-conditioned, and opens onto a lovely covered verandah. Our babies have a designated outdoor playground, which is separate to the older children. Detailed records are kept each day to relay to families and include sleep times, nappy change information and food and fluid intake. 









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