Our fees are inclusive of the following services:

  • meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack)

  • disposable nappies 

  • hat

  • linen

  • all consumables


Different fees apply depending on the age of your child as there are different ratios of educators required for children of different ages.


Our fees as at July 2021 are:


    Age                   Part Time Per Day                  Full Time Per Day              Full Time Per Week

0 – 2 years                  $126.20                                   $124.70                           $623.50

2 – 3 years                  $121.00                                    $119.50                           $597.50

3 – 5 years                  $114.00                                   $112.50                            $562.50



Our centre is an approved child care service and therefore we are able to claim any eligible subsidies from Centrelink on your behalf.


For more information about your eligibility for government subsidies, that will reduce your out of pocket expenses, please use the below link.  


NT ExplorerEarly Education